Task 3.3 Semantic integration of biodiversity literature

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Biodiversity literature is being digitized by many institutions around the world and the recent eContent plus project Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe (BHL-Europe) has achieved substantial progress in coordinating and integrating these efforts in the EU. Semantic enhancements of digitized literature, making it more accessible to researchers as well as amenable to direct fact finding, will be in the main focus of this task.

Pro-iBiosphere will coordinate with BHL, BHL-Europe and BHL-Global works on the analysis of implementation of webservices to either enhance the data at ingest (TaxonFinder) or at search (CoL, PESI, VIAF). To facilitate further mark-up at project level, Plazi and the other partners will analyze the XML schemas currently implemented in their workflows.

Three viable paths for future improvement of semantic mark-up are presently recognized:

  1. fully automated natural language processing (NLP),
  2. base mark up complemented by automated processing and specialist correction, and
  3. social crowd-sourcing models (citizen involvement).

The purpose of the present coordination task is to align ongoing and forthcoming efforts to semantic mark up of biodiversity literature and provide technical and social solutions for their use. A workshop will be organized on the subject (MS12).


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