Action Plan 5th Consortium Meeting Berlin February 13, 2014

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Seventh Framework Programme

Topic: 5th Consortium Meeting pro-iBiosphere project
Work package: All work packages
Task: All tasks
Goal: Provide an overview of the project status (deliverables, milestones) ; follow-up of the project objectives; monitor progress of WP1-6 ad tasks; take actions for the next 3 months of the project
Participants: Task leaders
Mailing list: Consortium /
Author: Consortium
Place: Berlin, Germany
Time: 09.00–16:00
Date: 14 February 2014
Next meeting date: June 13 2014, Meise, Belgium

Consortium Meeting Minutes – 13 February 2014

Deliverable Status: Final
Dissemination Level: Public

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Naturalis Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Netherlands
BGM Botanic Garden, Meise, Belgium
FUB-BGBM Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Pensoft Pensoft Publishers Ltd, Bulgaria
Sigma Sigma Orionis, France
RBGK The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, United Kingdom
Plazi, Switzerland
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Name Organisation Short name
Donat Agosti Plazi DA
Bob Allkin RBGK BA
Quentin Groom Meise QG
Anton Guentsch FUB-BGBM AG
Gregor Hagedorn MfN GH
Don Kirkup RBGK DK
Daniel Mietchen MfN DM
Jeremy Miller Naturalis JM
Stephanie Morales SIGMA SM
Alan Paton RBGK AP
Lyubomir Penev Pensoft LP
Soraya Sierra Naturalis SS
Jan van Tol Naturalis JvT


The 5th pro-iBiosphere Consortium Meeting took place on the 13th of February 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

Action Plan

Name Task Timeline 2014
Task leaders Fill in doodle poll: (cf. online meeting next week to make decisions on piB activities related to:
  • Topic 1 - declaration (Donat). During the meeting we will discuss what needs to be improved and the further actions that need to be taken.
  • Topic 2- sustainability (Don). During the meeting we will assess whether we have common understanding on the products/services, and agree on what products / services are top priority for iBiosphere.
  • Topic 3 - final event (Stephanie). During the meeting we will discuss whether we have suggestions on the present draft of the agenda.

This will help us to assess whether we will need to select one or various days to host the online meeting (e.g c. 30 minutes of discussion for each topic).

Task leaders Review WP6 table on Alternative Business Models (to be refined by all task leaders, ie. establish services/products that are priorities, check language, provide suggestions, etc.) Achieved
Soraya Sierra Communicate to partners the final times and dates of the online meetings (topics 1, 2 and 3), based on Achieved
Anton Güntsch Send an email to BioVel regarding their involvement in the piB final-event Achieved
Donat Agosti Send an email to EU-BON regarding the organization of a training in the piB final series of events Achieved
Stephanie Morales Send an email to partners in order to remind them to update the dissemination table on partners contributions to articles and participation in meetings *related to the project* Achieved
Sigma Update the event agenda Achieved
Daniel Mietchen Forward list of participants to to facilitate updates of dissemination database Achieved
Daniel Mietchen, Don Kirkup Send email to participants of mark-up and sustainability workshops on contribution to the upcoming piB newsletter Achieved
Don Kirkup Review Workshop MS22 report and D6.3.3 and provide comments to Sigma Achieved
Lyubomir Penev Send a template for the project main outcomes brochure to piB partners. Achieved
Donat Agosti Share the D2.4.2 Draft policy on Open Access for data and information on google drive so that partners have access to the latest version (including comments being provided by other partners). Achieved
Daniel Mietchen Liaise with Rutger and Soraya regarding answers of the workshop questionnaire that are relevant for the piB March hackathon.
Lyubomir Penev Post on the wiki the list of scholarly articles to be produced by consortium members Achieved
Donat Agosti Send an email to Alan Paton and Caroline ( for feedback on how to address the EC and reviewers request to Plazi on “Analyse why certain groups or people cannot adopt licences”.

Context: This activity was requested by Karol Marhold as a result of the presentation on T2.4 activities. The request was by accepted by Plazi during the 1st year review.
Please take into account that the outcomes of the review have precedence on the DoW.
It would very useful if the outcomes of this brief “analysis” are included in the Open Access report, so that prior to the review, the EC and reviewers can read the outcomes of the analysis.

Don Kirkup & Gregor Hagedorn Answer request by Daniel sent last week to fill-in the markup workshop questionnaire February
Gregor, Quentin, Jan, Alan, Anton (done) Liaise with management team of their institutions to select people that will review, discuss, and sign the declaration at the final event March
All partners Update the table person month consumption table (period Dec. - Feb.) Begin March
Jan van Tol Contact Edwin and invite him to the piB final event, provide update to the partners on the outcome of the invitation March
Task leaders Review the two WP6 deliverables that will be submitted to the EC on Friday the 7th of March(lead: RBK and Sigma) 07.03
All Improve Declaration document (version 2) drafted by Plazi 07.03
Don, Alan, Daniel, Gregor, Anton, Donat, Soraya, Quentin, Lyubo Review contents of agenda & list of participants for final event (provide suggestions/comments)
  • The agenda:
  • List of participants:
Stephanie Morales Create an online pro-iBiosphere account on SlideShare in order to facilitate access and sharing of all presentations related to the project 14.03
Jasper Zoet Make second payment to partners Beginning of March 2014
All task leaders (Soraya, done ) Forward Declaration for comments / improvements / suggestions to staff that has understanding of the topic and to other external persons / institutions for involvement in the Declaration activities and outcomes 07.03
Don, Donat, Andreas Liaise on Mistletoes data and information that will be uploaded on Plazi and CDM platforms Beginning of March
Donat, Anton, Gregor, Willi, Alan, Camille Send Pensoft the final key output template (with contents on the key outputs) for the final p-iB brochure 15 March
Soraya Sierra Update the DoW March
Daniel Mietchen Share First draft of D3.3.2 (Report on progress during the coordination process of partners and non consortium partners) for input/suggestions/comments for improvement March
Soraya Sierra Send email to Pensoft team regarding update of the piB dissemination database with participants of the hackathon March
Gregor Hagedorn Present the Declaration concept during the upcoming BII meeting in Leiden(involving the directors of 5 institutions)
Gregor Hagedorn Provide feedack to the task leaders on the outcome of the BII meeting March
Lyubomir Penev Share second draft of brochure with partners April
Don Kirkup, Daniel Mietchen Send contributions of newsletter to Soraya and Peter before they are posted on the piB website by the Pensoft press office team April
Lyubomir Penev Share final draft of brochure with partners May
Anton Güntsch Present the Declaration concept during the upcoming CETAF meeting in Oslo. We would appreciate if you could remind the person responsible for CETAF outreach to update their page with the pro-iBioshere project (there is no mention of it at all!) May 6-7
Anton Güntsch Provide feedack to the task leaders on the outcome of the CETAF meeting May 15
All partners Update list of scholarly articles to be produced by consortium members (including follow-up with Jozsef, Sylvia and Peter regarding their plans to publish the outcomes of their pilots). According to the discussions of the management meeting total of 15-20 publications are expected. The list is here available: All along the project period
All partners Fill-in the events contributions and publications tables on the wiki with your presentation and link to article: All along the project period