Action Plan 6th Management Meeting

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Seventh Framework Programme

Topic: 6th Consortium Meeting pro-iBiosphere project
Work package: All work packages
Task: All tasks
Goal: Provide an overview of the project status (deliverables, milestones) ; follow-up of the project objectives; monitor progress of WP1-6 and related tasks; take actions for the last 2 months of the project; prepare the final review; discuss about the H2020 proposal on international cooperation
Participants: Task leaders / From 14:00 onwards: participants from developing countries previously invited
Mailing list: Consortium /
Author: Consortium
Place: Meise, Belgium
Time: 09.00–17:00
Date: 13 June 2014


Name Organisation Short name
Donat Agosti Plazi DA
Quentin Groom Meise QG
Anton Güntsch FUB-BGBM AG
Gregor Hagedorn MfN GH
Don Kirkup RBGK DK
Marion Leclaireq Sigma ML
Daniel Mietchen MfN DM
Alan Paton RBGK AP
Lyubomir Penev Pensoft LP
Soraya Sierra Naturalis SS
Jan van Tol Naturalis JvT
Camille Torrenti Sigma CT

Action Plan

Name / Task leaders Action / task Timeline Jun. - Aug.2014
Don Kirkup Submit a revised version of the Risk report + Cost report to the consortium for review June 16, 2014 (Risk)
June 17, 2014 (Cost)
Sigma team Create a page on Wiki so that partners can provide inputs on key activities with project left 3rd week of June 2014
Naturalis and Kew team Find funding for mark-up activities 3rd week of June 2014
Sigma team Send thank you email to Final event participants with moderators wrap up summary document, action plan for sustainability, and link to post event survey Before June 20, 2014
All partners Prepare action plan for sustainability of the project End of July
Donat Agosti ? Add summary of the discussions of the Final Event conference and recommendations to the Bouchout Declaration website Achieved
Lyubomir Penev Design Newsletter presenting the Final Event Conference and its outcomes (summary, visions and action steps) August 2014
Donat Agosti Submit short report following up on the Bouchout Declaration Before July 31, 2014
Sigma team Finalize deliverable D5.x on Dissemination and circulate it among partners Before June 30, 2014
Soraya Sierra Email Antonio to move to November the date of the Review Meeting once Donat has the confirmation on the dates of the TWG event July 2014
All partners Agreed on meeting the evening before the Review Meeting day for rehearsal 27th October
Soraya Sierra Send review meting presentation template to partners July 2014
Quentin Groom Circulate info on hotels to partners to book their stay for the review meeting Achieved
Soraya Sierra Upload template for financial report on Google drive July 2014
Kew/BGBM Send to Soraya final figures regarding budget spent until end of May Before June 30, 2014
Sigma team Provide Soraya with the final budget left from the Final event Before June 30, 2014
All partners Send statements/questions regarding OBKMS to Gregor June 16, 2014
All partners Participate on Skype telco to discuss project follow up proposal June 16, 2014