Competency Questions for RDF Treatments

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Useful questions that could be asked about a treatment or collection of treatments, and analysis whether RDF / linked data. No presentation or document issues!

Todo: perhaps mark as "discovery purposes" (LOD) and "reasoning purposes" (Ontologies)

  • Show me the treatments that describe the first publication of the name "Aus bus".
  • Find the information from a nomenclator that contains related information
  • Find the information from GBIF which other specimens are known for the taxon treated in a treatment
  • Find the information from ORCID that contains information about the author of a treatment
  • Which parasites of Oak trees in Central America are known
  • Show me the treatments that provide the most recent treatment of the organism named "Aus bus".
  • In which treatments has a given scientific name been used for equivalent taxon concepts
  • Which treatments use different names for the same taxon concepts.
  • Which original treatments (first publication) are creating homonyms because they are referring to different type material
  • Which treatments are related in that they describe overlapping taxon concepts?
  • Which treatments are nomenclatorially linked (including homonyms!) to another treatment
  • Extract morphological features from a description to filter treatments based on morphological criteria (identification scenario)
  • Find treatments from a given taxonomic group that contain diagnostic characters
  • Find treatments from a given taxonomic group that contain an identification key
  • Find treatments from a given taxonomic group that contain images (or video, or sound...)
  • What ant is eating seeds?
  • What are all the names given to a taxon x.
  • Treatment and taxon concept
  • Is X a valid taxonomic name (in a nomenclatorial sense)
  • Are red taxa living above 1000 meter elevation?
  • What red taxa do parasize wasps in high elevation?
  • How many taxa are described without a location given?
  • Are red taxa nocturnal?
  • how many taxa have an available name in a nomenclatorial sense?
  • how many treatments have a specific character and is living in Y?
  • how many species are black?
  • what are the taxa living in a particular location?
  • what are the taxa that eat seeds that are parasitized and live in country Y?
  • what specimens has been mentioned several times and under different names?
  • what specimens have a lot long coordinatd in UTM projection?
  • Which types of organisms interactions (predator, prey, parasite, pathogen, mutualistic symbiosis, pollinator, etc.) are know for a given taxon concept?
  • Which other taxon concepts does the organism interacts with
  • Which properties/features (morphology, behaviour, etc.) are heritable (i.e. traits?)
  • In which ecosystems does the organism have high or low abundance?
  • I want to have all the taxa which have been observed between 1990 and 2000 that live Europe and for which geographic coordinates or collection codes are given. (model input: a question that is being asked from the EU-BON project.
  • Are there ant species whose distribution is correlated with Aedes sp.?
  • lycinid butterfles, misteltoes (ask Don Kirkup)

Shall we look into papers defining the future of bioinformatics, conservation and figure out what the most important question is they want to see addressed (eg, GBIC )