Second Management Committee meeting

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(For general information see Workshops Berlin, May 2013)

Date and venue

24th of May (Friday) 2013, Berlin, Germany.
JKI, Room B103 (right side building, 1 floor, near corner of L-shaped building).

The meeting took place at the JKI biological research center

Julius Kühn Institute
Federal Research Center for Cultivated Plants
Königin-Luise-Str. 19
14195 Berlin, Germany


Seminaris Campus hotel - 550 m

Ravenna hotel - 1,8 km

Best Western Plus Hotel Steglitz International - 2,2 km


Name Organisation Short name
Donat Agosti Plazi DA
Laurence Bénichou MNHN LB
Jordan Bisserkov Pensoft JB
Terry Catapano Plazi TC
Anton Guentsch FU-BGBM WB
Sabrina Eckert FU-BGBM SE
Willi Egloff Plazi WE
Teodor Georgiev Pensoft TG
Quentin Groom NBGB QG
Gregor Hagedorn Plazi GH
Jana Hoffman MfN JH
Thomas Janßen HU TJ
Don Kirkup RBGK DK
Eva Kralt Naturalis EK
Jeremy Miller Naturalis JM
Stephanie Morales SIGMA SM
Alan Paton RBGK AP
Lyubomir Penev Pensoft LP
Soraya Sierra Naturalis SS
Jan van Tol Naturalis JvT
Camille Torrenti SIGMA CT
Patricia Kelbert (maybe) FU-BGBM PK


08.45 - 09:00 Welcome of participants (including coffee and tea)
09:00 - 09:05 Introduction & announcements - Soraya Sierra, Naturalis
09.10 - 10.30 Review of workshop on stakeholder requirements - Don Kirkup, RBGK
10.30 - 10.45 Tea/coffee break
10.45 - 12.00 cont. Review of workshop on stakeholder requirements - Don Kirkup, RBGK
12.00 - 12.15 Review of workshop on measuring and constraining the costs of delivering services - Soraya Sierra, Naturalis
12.15 - 12.30 Review of workshop on coordination & routes for cooperation across organizations, projects & e-infrastructures - Gregor Hagedorn, JKI/Plazi
12.30 - 13.30 Lunch break
13.30 - 13.50 How to better disseminate the results and activities of our project? Example of social networks - Camille Torrenti, SIGMA
13.50 - 14.10 Exploitation plans, business models & discussion of sustainability: what's next? - Camille Torrenti, SIGMA
14.10 - 14.25 Update on "Semantic integration of biodiversity literature", Task 3.3 lead by the MfN - Jana Hoffman, MfN
14.25 - 14.40 Progress on pilot 1: Interoperability model between PLAZI and the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy based on transformations between XML-repositories and CDM-stores - Anton Guentsch, FUB-BGBM
14.40 - 15.15 Progress on pilot 2: Interoperability model between taxon treatments from both legacy and prospective literature from three organismic domains (fungi, plants and animals) - various speakers (see table below)
Speaker Organisation(s) involved in the pilots Taxa
Lyubomir Penev Pensoft Chilopoda
Don Kirkup RBGK Mistletoes (families Loranthaceae and Viscaceae)
Donat Agosti Plazi Ants
Jeremy Miller Naturalis Spiders
Quentin Groom FUB-BGBM & NBGB Chenopodium (Goosefoots)
Eva Kralt Naturalis Fungi - Russulaceae
Sylvia Mota de Oliveira Naturalis Bryophyta - Calymperaceae
15.15 - 15.25 Progress on pilot 3: Common query/response model for automated registration of higher plants (International Plant Names Index, IPNI), fungi (Index Fungorum, MycoBank) and animals (ZooBank) - Lyubomir Penev, Pensoft
15.25 - 15.30 Progress on pilot 4: Revision of a tool (CharaParser) that generates identification keys by reusing morphological characters from published species descriptions - Donat Agosti, Plazi
15:30 - 15:45 Tea/Coffee break
15.45 - 16.30 Progress & status of deliverables / personnel hired or to be hired / announcements concerning these deliverables (period May - October 2013) (c. 4 min each speaker)

Soraya Sierra - Naturalis

Best Practices Guide on editorial policies(due May)
3rd & 4th Management reports (due May and August)
Periodic report and financial statements(Year 1) (due 31st of October at the latest)

Donat Agosti - Plazi

Concept paper for involvement of individual experts, commercial vendors, and citizen scientists (due May)
Report on ongoing biodiversity related projects, current e-infrastructures and standards (due June)
Report on the state and quality of biosystematics documents and survey reports (due August)
Draft strategy for increased cooperation (due September)

Willi Egloff - Plazi

Drafts policy on Open Access for data and information (1) (due August)

Quentin Groom - NBGB

Proof of concept reports on the use of e-tools (due August)

Don Kirkup - RBGK

Report on user feedback (due August)

Lyubomir Penev - Pensoft

Electronic newsletter 3 (due August)

Camille Torrenti - SIGMA

Report on dissemination, communication and public awareness (1) (due August)
Report on diversity and strengths of existing business plans and discussion of sustainability (2) (due August)

Anton Guentsch - BGBM

Progress on T4.1 and deliverable "Report on strategies for improved cooperation and interoperability between infrastructures"
16.30 - 16.50 Update on milestones (period May - October 2013), including preparations, progress, logistics, challenges, a.o.

Don Kirkup - RBGK

Meetings with clients/users - benefits (due June)
Follow-up (small) meetings on selected topics with the relevant stakeholders (due September)
Workshop on user engagement and benefits (due October)
Meeting to evaluate business models currently in use by partners and relevant non-partners (due October)

Camille Torrenti - SIGMA

First report on articles and contributions to events (due August)

Donat Agosti - Plazi

Workshop on how to promote the development & adoption of common mark-up standards & interoperability (due October)

Soraya Sierra - Naturalis

Mid-term review (logistics, preparation) (due September)
16.50 - 17.00 Conclusions - all participants
17.15 End of meeting