Fifth Management Meeting

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For practical information, see Workshops Berlin, February 2014.

Date and venue

  • February 13 (Thursday) at MfN in Berlin


Start of meeting: 9.00 am

I. Stephanie Morales - Review and Approval of October 2013 minutes and action plan

II. Outcomes of February 2014 workshops

  • Don Kirkup - WP6
  • Daniel Mietchen - WP3

III. Progress of 2014 Milestones (Please notice that progress of Deliverables will be addressed on section IV)


  • Donat Agosti - A roadmap to edit, approve, disseminate and adopt the Bouchout Declaration.


  • Anton Guentsch - Mark-up granularity/portal functions comparison table in mark-up workflow documentation.


  • The status of the WP4 pilots (dear pilot leader, please prepare c. 3-4 slides, explaining progress achieved so far (in case your pilot has already finished then present the results obtained), publications envisaged (topic, co-authors, date, journal, etc.).
  • Anton Guentsch - T4.1 pilot
  • Lyubomir Penev - Chilopoda
  • Quentin Groom - Chenopodium (Goosefoots)
  • Don Kirkup - Mistletoes (families Loranthaceae and Viscaceae)
  • Jeremy Miller - Spiders
  • T4.2 leader - Donat Agosti (will give an update of the remaining pilots based on data and information received to elaborate the D4.2 annexes)
  • Ants
  • Fungi: Towards a (semi-) automated identification of European Agaricus species
  • Nephrolepis (Ferns)
  • Bryophyta - Campylopus
  • Lyubomir Penev - Summary of status and schedule of scholarly publications of pilots


  • Stephanie Morales - Status of final event and review of action plan (based on online meetings).


  • Don Kirkup - Organisation of the UK stakeholders workshop in March 2014.

Lunch 12.30 - 13.30

IV. Progress of key recommendations provided as a result of Y1 review:

WP1 leader

  • Plan better the remaining work to be performed by setting intermediate, internal milestones beyond simply the organisation of the remaining workshops


  • Plazi - Consider a consultation of stakeholders and users outside the consortium before the announcement of the planned consortium declaration
  • Plazi - Analyse why certain groups or people cannot adopt licences

WP4 leader

  • The project should really function as a coordination and support action that offers added-value and a service to the community
  • Pilots - given the current state of the project, the reviewers expressed concern regarding insufficient focus on outcomes and recommendations that would offer added value to both the project and the wider scientific community.
  • The project is to clearly link the work of all the work packages around concrete advances in the field of mark-up and interoperability of е-publishing in taxonomy as developed in WP4 and to reflect how the pro-iBiosphere project resources can be used best for reaching these outcomes.
  • How to involve other journals to adopt automated registration names.


  • Pensoft & Sigma - Update of factsheet
  • All - Production of press releases in Y2

WP6 leader

  • Propose adjustments to the work plan of WP6 on Sustainability, by focusing on areas in which the consortium is particularly strong and can offer real value

V. Workplan for the next months (each task leader to provide an update on the deliverables and activities being conducted)

  • Quentin Groom - BGM Update on activities being conducted
  • Anton Guentsch - FUB-BGBM Update on activities being conducted
  • Donat Agosti - D2.4.2 Drafts policy on Open Access for data and information (2), due in July
  • Daniel Mietchen - MfN - D3.3.2 Report on progress during the coordination process of partners and non consortium partners, due in April
  • Lyubomir Penev - Pensoft - Contributions to upcoming newsletter, due in April.
  • Stephanie Morales - Sigma
    • D6.3.3 Report on diversity and strengths of existing business plans and discussion of sustainability (3), due in February;
    • D5.2.2 Report on dissemination, communication and public awareness (2), due in August.
  • Don Kirkup - RBGK
    • D6.1.2 Report on costs and benefits (includes D6.1.2, D6.2.1, D6.2.2), due in Apr. 2014 (formerly May 2014);
    • D6.4.1 Summary of model evaluations, due in July 2014 (was D6.4.3);
    • D6.4.2 Recommendations to policy makers with regard to achieving sustainable delivery of biodiversity, due in Aug. 2014 (was D6.4.4).

V. Stephanie Morales - Review of Action Plan

End of meeting: 16.00 pm

Participants: Task Leaders

  1. Stephanie Morales (Sigma)
  2. Don Kirkup (RBGK)
  3. Bob Alkin (RBGK)
  4. Alan Paton (RBGK)
  5. Donat Agosti (Plazi)
  6. Quentin Groom (Meise)
  7. Anton Güntsch (FUB-BGBM)
  8. Gregor Hagedorn (MfN)
  9. Jeremy Miller (Naturalis)
  10. Daniel Mietchen (MfN)
  11. Lyubomir Penev (Pensoft)
  12. Soraya Sierra (Naturalis)
  13. Jan van Tol (Naturalis)