Golden Gate training organised in 2013

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Place: Leiden, van Steenis Gebouw (Einsteinweg 2, 2300 RA Leiden, Room F106)

Dates: 14 and 15 January 2013

Prior to the workshop, please make sure you have the following programs installed on your laptop (We have not tested yet the program for Mac and Unix)

latest JAVA
EDUROAM that is needed to provide you access to the (WLAN The activation code will be distributed at the meeting.
GoldenGATE Pro-iBiosphere version. ( This is 94MB file. (Unzip the file in a non-system drive (on MS machines that means normally not the C:\ drive). Start the program with the GoldenGATE.exe file. Once you are asked to provide access to the Web, click yes and then let it just unfold. This might take a moment, depending on your band width. Once the installation is finished, just exit the program. If you are not successful we'll do it together in Leiden). A manual and test files will be provided at the meeting.
Please bring hard copy examples of your flora/fauna along


9.00 Start of training
12.30 - 13.30 Lunch (the project will offer lunch for the 20 participants of the training. Place: van Steenis canteen)
18.00 End of training
19.00 Dinner - Restaurant Het Haagsche Schouw (address: Haagsche Schouwweg 14, Leiden)
* = interested in the group dinner on Monday evening

Institution providing the training: Plazi

1. Donat Agosti*
2. Guido Sautter

List of participants: RBGK

3. Don Kirkup (leader of Loranthaceae pilot)*
4. Tony Walduck


5. Quentin Groom (co-leader of Chenopodium pilot and contributing to the Loranthaceae & Chenopodium pilots)*


6. Patricia Kelbert (Chenopodium pilot)*
7. Sabrina Eckert (Chenopodium pilot)*


8. Pavel Stoev (leader of Chilopoda pilot)
9. Teodor Georgiev (pro-iBiosphere)


10. Sylvia Mota de Oliveira (lead of Bryophyta - Calymperaceae pilot, editor of the Flora of the Guianas)
11. József Geml (leader of Fungi - Russulaceae pilot)
12. Hans Kruijer (editor of Gorteria)*
13. Peter Hovenkamp (editor of Blumea)
14. Connie Baak (Blumea)*
15. Peter van Welzen (editor Flora Malesiana)
16. Thomas Hamann (mark-up of Flora Malesiana and Flore du Gabon)
17. Soraya Sierra (pro-iBiosphere)*
18. Jeremy Miller (spider pilot)*
19. Susana Arias Guerrero (revision of the Neotropical genus Guatteria-Annonaceae)
20. Tom Gilissen (information specialist in charge of the institutional repository and digitization of the (backlist) of Naturalis journals)