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MS25. List of planned scholarly publications presenting the pilot results Description Name of institution responsible Status
Rutger Aldo Vos, Jordan Valkov Biserkov, Bachir Balech, Niall Beard, Matthew Blissett, Christian Brenninkmeijer, Tom van Dooren, David Eades, George Gosline, Quentin John Groom, Thomas D. Hamann, Hannes Hettling, Robert Hoehndorf, Ayco Holleman, Peter Hovenkamp, Patricia Kelbert, David King, Don Kirkup, Youri Lammers, Thibaut DeMeulemeester, Daniel Mietchen, Jeremy A. Miller, Ross Mounce, Nicola Nicolson, Rod Page, Aleksandra Pawlik, Serrano Pereira, Lyubomir Penev, Kevin Richards, Guido Sautter, David Peter Shorthouse, Marko Tähtinen, Claus Weiland, Alan R. Williams, Soraya Sierra Enriched biodiversity data as a resource and service. NATURALIS Published. Biodiversity Data Journal 2, DOI 10.3897/BDJ.2.e1125
Paton, A. A new species of Orthosiphon (Lamiaceae) from Angola. RBGK Published. Biodiversity Data Journal 2, DOI 10.3897/BDJ.2.e1162
Egloff W., Patterson D., Agosti D., Hagedorn G. 2014. Open exchange of scientific knowledge and European copyright: The case of biodiversity information. PLAZI Published ZooKeys 414, 109-135, DOI 10.3897/zookeys.414.7717
Penev L., Paton A., Nicolson N., Kirk P., Pyle R., Whitton R., Georgiev T., Barker C., Hopkins C., Robert V., Biserkov J., Stoev P. A common registration–to–publication automated pipeline for nomenclatural acts for higher plants (International Plant Names Index, IPNI), fungi (Index Fungorum, MycoBank) and animals. 2014 PENSOFT In press. ZooBank
Paton, A. and R. Allkin. Plant Names- building bridges with users. UNESCO Botanists in the 21st Century. RBGK To be submitted by the end Oct. 2014
Stoev, P. Cybertaxonomic checklist of the genus Eupolybothrus (Chilopoda) PENSOFT In progress
Groom, Q. Using legacy botanical literature as a source of phytogeographical data NBGB Plant Ecology and Evolution, Volume 148, Number 2, 23 July 2015, pp. 256-266(11)
Groom, Q. Piecing together the biogeographic history of Chenopodium vulvaria L. using botanical literature and collections NBGB Published PeerJ 3:e723
Miller J, Agosti D, Penev, L., Sautter G, Catapano T, King D, Pereira S, Vos R, Sierra S Integrating and visualizing primary data from prospective and retrospective taxonomic literature NATURALIS, PLAZI, PENSOFT In progress
Fisher, B.M., Agosti, D., Catapano, T. A revision of the Malagasy species of the ant genus Aphaenogaster: Use persistent HTTP identifiers for taxon treatments PLAZI In progress
Agosti, D., Fisher, B.M., Hong, C. New knowledge from old data: A description and identification key to Anochetus ants in Madagascar (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) PLAZI This has been dropped due to the difficulty to extract characters from different languages and formats; part of the goal will be published in the Aphaenogaster revision cited
Mietchen, D. et al. Semantic integration of the biodiversity literature MfN It was decided by the MfN not to turn this into a paper

for the time being, since there are so many ongoing developments in this area that any review of this sort would very quickly be outdated.