Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MFN)

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The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MFN) is one of the world leading natural science museums, devoted to basic research and education in all fields of natural history, with a focus on biodiversity, biological evolution, and basic earth sciences. Its vast zoological, paleontological and mineralogical collections comprise over 30 million scientific samples and more than 170,000 primary type specimens from all major regions and ecosystems of the World. Facilities at the MFN include several general and high-end laboratories (SEM, isotope analysis, DNA sequencing, 3D-CAD/visualization, micro CT), a large scientific library (>175,000 titles, >1,000 journals), and a recently upgraded ICT-infrastructure. Since 2009, the MFN is constituted as an independent Foundation under the Leibniz Association supported in equal shares by the State of Berlin and the German Federal Government. The institute, which remains affiliated to the Humboldt University in Berlin currently employs about 230 staff, including 70 scientists. Its exhibitions (ca 6,600 square meters) are seen by more than 500,000 visitors annually.

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