MS12 - Workshop on mark-up of biodiversity literature/Notes

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  • From the DOW: "Three viable paths for future improvement of semantic mark-up are presently recognized: (1) fully automated natural language processing (NLP), (2) base mark up complemented by automated processing and specialist correction,

and (3) social crowd-sourcing models (citizen involvement)."

  • For the workshop, we need some representatives from the NLP and crowd-sourcing corners.
  • See also D3.2.1 Concept paper for involvement of individual experts, commercial vendors, and citizen scientists.
  • Any relevant workflows at MfN?
  • Do we care about the difference between "semantic tagging (i.e.explicitly describing the kind of content with tags) and mark-up of biodiversity literature"?
  • Our report D3.3.1 should itself be published with as much semantic enhancements as possible, so as to make it a good citizen in the LOD cloud.
  • "The MfN will closely cooperate with IT staff responsible for the development and establishment of the Paleontology and Insecta nodes for GBIF at MfN. This will facilitate the development of concepts necessary for the integration of literature in the Biodiversity Knowledge Management System and the enhancement of digitised literature in line with the activities of Task 3.3."