MS12 - Workshop on mark-up of biodiversity literature/Notes for organizers

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  • stable internet connection for everyone (we shall be taking notes collaboratively), including access codes

Meeting rooms

  • chairs for all
  • power outlets for everyone
  • at least one desk (having desks for everyone would be desirable, and we could arrange with intermediate numbers as well)
  • at least one very stable internet connection (preferably LAN) for the presentation computer (we will look at live websites, and we might have someone chime in remotely); we'd settle for a very stable WiFi, or for registering one of our laptops if your LAN does not accept external computers without extra registration
  • a beamer (perhaps with an additional desk if it is not permanently installed in the room)
  • a presentation computer (especially one known to work well with the beamer) would be very helpful but is not absolutely necessary
  • some screen or flat white space on the wall to project things on
  • some means to regulate lighting
  • a whiteboard/ blackboard or flipchart would be nice but not essential
  • stationary (pens, scissors, tape, post-its)
  • extra room for break-out group
  • signs to the rooms
Header text 9.2. 10.2. 11.2. 12.2. 13.2. Notes
Seminarraum Nordbau (HS 3330) all day all day all day all day -
Seminarraum Paläontologie - all day all day - all day restricted access
Hörsaal 8 - 8-14; 16-18 - 8-11; 13-17.30 8-13
Ideenwerkstatt - - - - -


  • coffee and snacks during the break (does not have to be in the room but should be nearby)


  • Name tags/ lanyards
  • For accounting purposes, we need them to sign on the list of participants.

Guided tour

  • on Monday 18:00 for ca. 1h in English
  • meeting point: at the gate keepers

Plan of the museum

  • check for most recent public version


  • Point of contact for caterer
  • Possibility to lock luggage
  • Poster session?
  • Where to order a taxi
  • Point of contact for reimbursement claims, Deadline?


  • check options


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The following is an incomplete list of workshops with a closely related scope, provided here with the aim of facilitating the preparation of ours.

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