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  1. Scans resolution 300 dpi, black&white; 1 file - 1 picture (jpg, png, tif) Scanning of consecutive pages, not a set of pages, try and produce straight images. Floras should show differences to test the workflow (keys, pictures..) Cut off black margins with image editor.
  2. pdf creation with Adobe, other software, especially freeware, can loose resolution during compression
  3. The better the quality of the pdf the faster the OCR afterwards (2 min a page)
  4. Mark- up with GoldenGate etc. including references. The granularity is still low at the moment, but can be increased later, manually, on important parts of the publication, e.g. location information, to show abilities of workflow.
  • nomenclature
scientific name
reference (at least roughly marked as a bibref or a citation)
  • material_citations (specimens, observation, types!!)
scientific name
locality and observation/collecting event detaills
  • description (further taxon data), diagnosis, biology_ecology
scientific name - the CDM can not handle taxa from a descriptive part yet, it’s handled as a normal string content.
  • distribution
  • references
  • descriptive data : with very low granularity, will be transferred to Hong Cui.

5. Synchronizing towards one output format; TaxonX
6. Aiming to assign Unique Identifiers to treatments

Contact persons for GG mark-up:

Donat Agosti for user questions

Guido Sautter for technical support only