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There are no hotels within walking distance of the Botanic Garden Meise. However you can use the bus service and choose one of the following hotels in the neighbourhood of the Brussels Northern Railway station:

Falko hotel
Stationsstraat 54 a
Wolvertem-1861 Meise
Price including breakfast: 110€ single room; 135€ double room
5min bus ride to Gardens with 1km walk at one end
Reference to indicate when booking: FAL-F53120

Thermae Hotel
Wolvertemsesteenweg 92
1850 Grimbergen
Price including breakfast: 97€ single room multiple nights
short bus ride plus 1.2km walk to Gardens, 50min into town

Hotel Ibis Brussels Expo
Romeinse Steenweg 572
1853 Strombeek-Bever
Price without breakfast: 124€ double room
10min bus ride to Gardens with 1km walk to bus stop, 40min into town

Alfa Rijckendael Hotel
Luitberg 1
1853 Strombeek-Bever
Price including breakfast: 125€ single room
25 min bus ride to the garden with 1km walk at either end; 30min into town

Bed & Breakfasts
  • Bella Rossa, Kleinendries 21, 1861 Meise - Website
  • Green Cottage, Smidsestraat 14, 1785 Brussegem - Website
  • 't Verreveld, Heerbaan 132, 1840 Londerzeel - Website

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