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# Task Responsibility Deadline
Task 1. Pilot leaders will send Plazi a pdf (3-5 pages) of the Floras/Faunas that will be marked-up. This will give a clear picture of the time and resources that are needed to complete the mark-up activities in May 2013. Partners involved in pilots 15.11.2012
Task 2. OCR of legacy literature. Partners involved in pilots 11.01.2013
Task 3. Two day training on Golden Gate (Guido Sautter, Plazi). Naturalis, Leiden. Plazi 14.01.2013 − 15.01.2013
Task 4. Start of mark-up activities (5 months in total) Partners involved in pilots 09.01.2013
Task 5. pro-iBiosphere meeting nr 2 Pilot leads and staff involved will use this opportunity to discuss the progress on the mark-up activities and discuss possible synergies with Dr. Hong Cui. Naturalis, Plazi, NBGB 15.02.2013
Task 6. Management and Advisory Board meeting. Naturalis, SIGMA 15.02.2013
Task 7. Meeting to discuss progress of mark-up activities. FUB-BGBM, Plazi, Pensoft 23.04.2013
Task 8. End of mark-up activities. FUB-BGBM, Plazi, Pensoft 21.05.2013
Task 9. Outcome of mark-up activities will be presented to the pro-iBiosphere Management Committee (meeting nr. 3 of pro-iBiosphere – Berlin,_May_2013). 25.05.2013
Task 10. Start of interoperability activities and data integration (six months in total). There will be new elements in the workflow (e.g. CDM, new marked-up data, etc.). 01.06.2013
Task 11. End of interoperability activities and data integration. 30.11.2013
Task 12. Submission of two deliverables to the EU: D3.1 Best Practices Guide on editorial policies. D3.2.1 Concept paper for involvement of individual experts, commercial vendors, and citizen scientists. 30.05.2013
Task 13. Submission of one deliverable to the EU: D3.2.2 Report on the state and quality of biosystematics documents and survey reports. 30.08.2013
Task 14. Task 8. Small publications on how to generate new knowledge by using legacy literature.(e.g. multi-access keys, etc.). 30.11.2013
Task 15. Submission of three deliverables to the EU: D3.3.1 Report on state-of the art and research horizons of semantic integration of biodiversity literature (Lead: MfN. Participants: FUB-BGBM, Pensoft, Plazi) D4.1 Report on strategies for improved cooperation and interoperability between infrastructures (Lead: FUB-BGBM. Participants: Pensoft, Plazi, Naturalis, RBGK) 20.12.2013

March 2014 CDM Data portals were/are created for each pilot group. Time will be spent to increase and refine data content.