Stichting Nederlands Centrum voor Biodiversiteit Naturalis (Naturalis)

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The Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity Naturalis is the result of cooperation between the University of Amsterdam (Zoological Museum Amsterdam), Leiden University and Wageningen University (National Herbarium of the Netherlands) and the National Natural History Museum Naturalis in Leiden. The partners’ collections and staff are currently being transferred to Leiden to form a large-scale research facility with over 37 million objects and over 100 experts. In terms of collection size, Naturalis is one of the top five natural history museums in the world. The joint capability of Naturalis includes a high profile on Biodiversity Informatics and a research community with proven project management experience as coordinator of the EC frameworks ENBI, Fauna Europaea, and PESI projects and as key- partner within a wide range of other projects, including LifeWatch, EDIT, SYNTHESYS, SMEBD, BioCASE, ZooBank, OpenUp!, ViBRANT Species2000/CoL and BioVel. The ZMA also hosts the Dutch GBIF node (NL-BIF). The integrated expertise of Naturalis is leading in systematics and the application of modern methods for taxonomy, evolutionary reconstructions, evo-devo research, ecological niche modelling, and biodiversity assessments. In addition, a thematic focus on Global Change Biology exists.