WP4 - Technical and infrastructure coordination

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The purpose of WP4 - led by Pensoft - is to facilitate joint studies and actions that will promote and enhance cooperation for a future technical and semantic interoperability between biodiversity platforms, including the promotion, monitoring the development and adoption of common mark-up standards. WP4 will exchange information and reach agreements that will facilitate the exchange of biodiversity-specific information (localities, treatments, keys, names, and references).

The objectives of WP4 are:

  • Identify and develop strategies for increased cooperation among current and previously funded EU biodiversity related projects, and with non-EU projects;
  • Identify and develop strategies to improve current taxonomic treatment servers and increase cooperation and coordination between the current existing electronic registers for species information;
  • Identify current needs and promote future interoperability at technical and semantic level, through improvement and interoperability of the existing mark-up XML schemas and standards.


  • Task 4.1 Improve technical cooperation and interoperability at the e-infrastructure level
  • Task 4.2 Promote and monitor the development and adoption of common mark-up standards and interoperability between schemas