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The purpose of WP3 - led by the Botanic Garden und Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Freie Universität Berlin (FUB-BGBM) - is to contribute to the establishment of new and standardized editorial policies for the curation and publication of biodiversity data in an e-environment, including editorial policies, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management, and involvement of citizen scientists in data enhancement, use and re-use. In addition, it will coordinate the efforts to provide access to the legacy literature by semantic tagging and linking the atomized content; for instance, to external sources like name servers (IPNI for plants, ZooBank for animals, Index Fungorum and MycoBank for fungi), observation data, ontologies, images of herbarium and other material, etc). Mark-up will be used for direct interpretation by machines on the web, or to facilitate import into databases.

The objectives of WP3 are:

  • Review and analyze the existing methods for data acquisition, curation and semantic integration.
  • Review current methods for semantic mark up and their use.
  • Facilitate crowdsourcing/auth-sourcing studies with data curators.
  • Align ongoing and forthcoming efforts to semantic mark up biodiversity literature and provide technical and social solutions for their use.
  • Attract potential new users to biodiversity informatics infrastructures by emphasizing potential improvements in current work flows and collect user feedback during these events.