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Participants of the pro-iBiosphere Workshop Berlin 2013 in May (click on image to enlarge)

pro-iBiosphere Meeting 3, May 2013

Target audience: The audience differs between the 3 Workshops held:

  • Leaders of Flora, Fauna & Mycota publications and biodiversity related projects/initiatives/institutions
  • Flora, Fauna & Mycota data providers, potential providers
  • Provider/user stakeholder group

Date and venue

21-23 of May 2013: Workshops 1, 2 and 3
24 of May 2013: Second Management committee meeting

Note: the 20th of May is Whitmonday and a public holiday in Germany.

The meeting will take place at the JKI biological research center

Julius Kühn Institute
Federal Research Center for Cultivated Plants
Königin-Luise-Str. 19
14195 Berlin, Germany

The JKI was founded 110 years ago as the "Kaiserlich Biologische Anstalt für Land- und Forstwirtschaft" (Imperial Biological Research Station). It is an interesting historical building with large experimentation fields in the back that invite for a brief walk.

Meeting Room: When you enter the JKI, please approach the porter in the building on the left side of the driveway, he or she will give you detailed directions. The meeting will take place in the building in which the porter is located.

Before the meeting


On the hotel map, C (Hotel Ravenna, Family style), A (Best Western Premier Hotel Steglitz, international style), and H (Seminaris Campushotel) are recommended most. D (Hotel Eckstein‎) has its drawbacks (noisy street, poor entrance area) but the rooms are OK, especially if you can get a room on the back side. G (Akzent Hotel Am Forum Steglitz) is slightly more distant. B Happybed is a hostel. A certain contingent of rooms have been reserved at the Ravenna and Seminaris hotel, booking code is pro-iBiosphere.


Berlin was supposed to have closed its two old airports and opened a new one in June 2012, but it has just been delayed until September 2013. For those who have been in Berlin before: everything stays the same: you can choose freely between Tegel (TXL) and Schönefeld (SFX). Both are approximately equally convenient. When searching for flights, you can enter the code "BER" into the search, this will find any flights to Berlin regardless of airport.

Tegel (TXL): Public transport transfer time from TXL will be around 35 Minutes (X9 Bus to Zoological Garden, transfer to U9 subway to Rathaus Steglitz, take Bus X83 direction Dahlem-Dorf (ask the driver) to stop "Arnimallee", which is one stop past the Botanical Museum. If you are online, you can check for additional possible connections. You need an AB ticket, 2.40 €, which you can buy in the bus).

Schönefeld (SFX): time will be around 60 Minutes. You need an ABC ticket (3 euros).


Limited funding is available for participants. For approval of funding and copy of the Reimbursement Policy please email Donat Agosti under or If funding has been approved in advance between the organisers of the meeting and you, a maximum of 1300Euros can be funded for flights/train travel (cheapest economy choice), and/or 100Euros/night @ by the organisers chosen hotels. Overnight stay will be paid from the day previous of the meeting to the night following the meeting. Breakfast is also covered, if included in the hotel. Lunch/coffee is free. Dinner, taxi and additional hotel charges have to be paid by participants themselves. Receipts must be produced after the event in digital and paper form.

Links to the Workshops in Berlin (May 21-23 2013)

Separately, on the 24th there will be a WP6 meeting in the morning and the Second Management Committee meeting in the afternoon.

At the meeting

Public transport

The JKI is situated between the subway station "U Dahlem-Dorf" (left) and subway and city train station "U + S Rathaus Steglitz"; see this map. You can walk in about 7 minutes from "U Dahlem-Dorf", from Rathaus Steglitz it would be a 20 Minute walk, but a convenient Bus (Line X83) should transport you much faster. The Bus stop is "Arnimallee".

To search for public transport connections within Berlin in English use: fahrinfo-berlin.

You can buy tickets which can be used in any of the public means of transport (bus, tram, local railway, "S-Bahn", underground ("U-Bahn")). You can buy single tickets (AB), or daily tickets, 7-day tickets and other offers. Information about tickets (prices, range, etc.) can be found here. There are also special offers for visitors. Special tourist tickets can be bought at the Central station ("Hauptbahnhof") and many other S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations, including one vending below ground in U Rathaus Steglitz (difficult to find, ask!).


Throughout the meeting we will have lunch and coffee at the JKI facilities.

For dinner arrangements please consult the individual pages for each workshop.

WLAN / Wifi

There will be limited WLAN / Wifi access at the facilities. It goes through a highly restricting firewall, so expect only normal web browsing and web mail to work. Most, even standard alternative http ports, are blocked, as are email, ssh etc. ports.

Please use the username: vibrant with the password: berlin115